Tissue Degradation (2020)

Spring 2022

Phase 0.

So far there have been three global economic collapses in less than a year. The policies of control of distribution to the population in matters of energy, services and food have been intensified by direct order of the New Council of World Welfare headed by the Freedom-Progress Block I (previously, the United States of America, Israel, the United Kingdom and Germany) and the Freedom-Progress Block II (Russia, China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia).


After the appearance of two new viruses and two new mutations of the first one that caused the First Great Sleep, life expectancy has decreased to an average of 38 years for individuals belonging to sector A and 50 years for those belonging to sector B. Violence has reached unprecedented levels among the population and homicide among common people (both in sectors A and B) is the leading cause of death in the general population.


Winter 2022

Phase W.

The TYU-2 Regional Technical Association managed to develop a clandestine prototype of  a surgical process based on quantum computing technology that allows to extract 70% of the information stored in a human brain and transfer it directly to in vitro living cells. The prototype has been named AnLB-23.


Summer 2023.

Phase X.

AnLB-23 has been implemented in more than 1500 cases with an 85% success rate; in the rest of the cases, individuals have experienced immediate brain death or permanent damage at the paraventricular nucleus. The amount of information stored up to now is equivalent to 2.5 million Yottabytes and the cell culture is protected by a Specialized Military Unit of the New Council.


Autumn 2023

Phase Y.

AnLB-23 goes to the next phase: AnLB-25X. The first implantation of one of the cell cultures is performed in a human. Patient 0 dies instantly. 500 more experiments are carried out without any success and the project is shut down, its documentation is incinerated and its members are sacrificed through the same procedure.


Spring 2024

Phase Z.

Several reports have been spread out about a new disease among commons in sector A from various regions. The condition is described as a type of exacerbated Munchausen Syndrome accompanied by highly psychotic episodes and alternated by long periods of autism. During the few moments of lucidity, the individual seems to be able to speak languages ​​other than the one of his origin and to possess physical and mental abilities different from those usual in his person. According to random observations, the life span, once the condition has been contracted, is between 24 and 96 hours. Until now, a single fairly reliable testimony has been recorded as a result of a video recording of the moment just before the death of an individual suspected of this condition. After three minutes of mindless babbling, he manages to articulate the following words:


"These are not my memories"