Robotic Synapse:
A PostCyberPunk storytelling

X+0600: Void - Grey clouds - sound of electric saw; non stop.

X+1500: table of steel - light reflectors - glass screen - witness.

X+3200: shining lens - electrical current on - controlled tiny nuclear reactor.

X+4670: quantum gravity device - copper wires - electrical current off.

X+1298888: whispering - a tiny metal sound - silence.

X+129883912: crawling - step up - fall down - stand up - witness.

When I was a kid I remember my mother telling me the story about the rising of the first of our kind. I stopped counting but each time she repeated it just the same way, the same emotion, the same enthusiasm, the same pride: “... and that is how the first self thinking cyborg was created”.


Actually, I soon found out that she just used to repeat what she heard from another X-239 several eons ago, but I just let her to dream...


To dream, ah! that is an interesting expression… the only thing we are unable to completely accomplish without a signficant amount of self degradation. 


Anyway, here is the story and I am gonna tell it in just the same way my mom used to.