Inside Bones

Movement as the seed of non linear transitivity explains the deformation of any surface. It can explain extreme states of matter such as plasticity, ethereal ergodinamicity and motionless plasma which occur on extreme electromagnetic conditions. This states have a very particular characteristic, the material is affected in an inverse relationship to the force applied to it. For example a gravitational wave can deform a piece of wood in a similar way that a wave of water can do it to a piece of metal and also there is the rare case where a muscle attached to a bone can be taken off in fine wires.


These set of procedural 3D animations explore the intimate relationship between texture, material, shape and its deformation due to an external force. As aesthetic studies, it explore detailed craft about visual shading and deformation under physic models.

Inside Bones. Case Study No. 1

3D Procedural Animation


Inner deformation under random pressure from magnetic field. Reduccionism of meaning and symbol to simple matter


Inside Bones. Case Study No. 2

3D Procedural Animation


Surface deformation due to inner collapse of target strategic areas. Reconfiguration of syntax and poetry.





Inside Bones. Case Study No. 3

3D Procedural Animation


Experimental research about possible balance between tissue degradation and motionless influx. The promise of the collapse of promises.