Experimental Sound Performance.

The next works are a series of individual/collective live performances of experimental music which explores different resources like concrete, live electronics, and mixed media, using different kind of resources that include traditional musical instruments, common daily objects and recycled hand made sound instruments.

A) Recycled multi percussion improvisation 2

Fecha: 03/21/2020

Casa del Lago, UNAM (México).

Multichannel Sound improvisation for multi percussion set and electroacoustic sounds based on a set of instructions that aim to seek the meaning of sensorial exhausting.

Credits: Elliot Hernández, Josué Martínez

B) Cántaros entrópicos.

Alacrán del Cántaro.

Experimental music quintet.

Fecha: July 2019

Datos y créditos:

Roberto Morales Manzanares - Piano (Director)

Edmar Soria - Guitarra Eléctrica

José Navarro Noriega - Multipercusiones

Juan José García Jiménez - Contrabajo

Facundo Vargas Jiménez - Trombón

Grabación - Josué Martínez Alcántara

Montaje General - Elliot Hernández y Abiram Bello

Operadores de Cámara - Abraham Fabila, Daniela Izquierdo, Juan Carlos Lucio

Logística - Joyce Yepes

Directora de Cámara y Luces - Alexa Bonilla

Asistente de Luces - José Francisco Sánchez

Post Producción de Video - Adrian Ortiz

Post Producción de Audio / Mezcla Multicanal-binaural - Edmar Soria

C) Nested Rebounds.

Colectivo Tekné.

Edmar Soria - Percussion/Binaural audio

Elliot Hernández - Live Control/Video post-production

Josue Martínez - Electronics (MAX/Arduino)

Películas y TV 31_07_2020 10_33_07 a.m.
Películas y TV 31_07_2020 10_33_43 a.m.
Películas y TV 31_07_2020 10_34_24 a.m.

D)  Fissure Anatomy. Stage I: ink extraction.

Live sound act.

Fissure Anatomy is a transmedia work about poetic representations of the concept of rift, its origins and its consequences. Displayed through three specific media (live sound action / procedural modelling / physical theatre performance) this work is the materialization of a curatorial proposal presented at Festival Internacional Callejon del Ruido 2019.

Ink extraction is the live sound act version of Fissure Anatomy and it seeks to reveal the concept of invasion in the experience sensorial realm. A bunch of nails, some screws and a set of drawing tools (pencils, pens and rulers) are placed over an intact wood table. The narrative is build through a set of simple instructions.


E) Crashing lines  (Multimedia live performance)

Edmar Soria: Sound performance & electroacoustic.

Roberto Cabezas: Video.

Recycled instrument construction: Alexa Bonilla/Alejandra Huerta (UAM-Lerma)

Fecha: Callejon del Ruido 2018, Guanajuato Mexico.


Multimedia performance that explores sonic possibilities for a recycled metallic instrument. The nature of the instrument shape the gestual possibilities and as consequence the sonic palette itself which is embodied with a electroacoustic fixed media and reactive visuals. 


F) Recycled multi percussion improvisation 1

Colectivo Tekne


Sound performance for a multiset of recycled percussions as opening ceremony for the 50th Leonardo MIT publication anniversary. Casa del Tiempo, UAM, Mexico.

G) Feedback studio.

Colectivo Tristimulus.


Electroacoustic work for classical guitar and theorb with live fx analog processing that explores feedback as the basic sound material capable to shape, deform and comp the acoustical timbral and textural possibilities.

 César Castellanos - Theorb

Carlos Larrauri - Guitar

Edmar Soria - Analog live electronics