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PhD in Music Technology, UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), Master degree in Music Technology UNAM, Master degree in Economics (UNAM) and undergraduate degree in Mathematics at IPN (Instituto Politecnico Nacional).


Full time Professor at Digital Art Department at UAM (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Unidad Lerma, México). Head of Cluster Research PiATS (Practica como Investigacion en el Arte, Transdisciplina y Sonido) at UAM Lerma.


His works include digital art, electroacoustic multichannel music, multimedia performance and music for contemporary dance and it has been performed and premiered at several international forums and festivals at USA, Europe, Asia and South America.

As an academic reseracher his interests include spatiality of sound (acoustics/psychoacoustics), data visualization, artificial intelligence applied to art and mathematical topics such as dynamical systems, group theory and graph theory. He has some publications at international journals and he is the founder and director of the International Conference on Space and Inmersivity.

Awards and Distinctions

● Winner of  INA GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales, Paris) - Fonoteca Nacional 2016 Contest.

Creadores Escénicos Grant 2019, FONCA (Mexico).

● Finalist at International Contest SIME Semaine Internationale de la Musique Electro-acoustique2018 (Lille, France)

● Work comission for New York University Ensemble (2017).

● Work comission and special guest for Difrazzioni Festival 2016 (Florence, Italy).

● 1st Prize at Festival Internacional Arte Sonoro, SONOM 2014 (Mexico).

● Finalist at Festival Internacional Arte Sonoro, SONOM 2015 (Mexico).

● Honorific mention for PhD degree thesis in Music Technology (2020).

● Honorific mention for Master degree Thesis in Music Technology (2020).


Belo Horizonte Conservatory, Brasil (2019). Multichannel Electroacoustic composition. Directed by Joao Pedro Oliveira.

DXARTS, Washington University (2019). Multimedia research: telematics, 3D audio, video and contemporary dance. Directed by Juan Pampin.

INA GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales, Paris) 2016. Acousmatic composition.

● Musique&Recherches, Belgium (2015). Multichannel Electroacoustic composition. Directed by Elizabeth Anderson.

●  CMMAS (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras, Mexico). Multichannel Electroacoustic composition. Directed by Rodrigo SIgal.

● Math Institute, UNAM Mexico (2012). Topology and Geometry. Directed by Jose Seade

Official Selections

● Festival de Arte y Ciencia, El Aleph, UNAM 2019.

● Exposición Modos de Oir, ExTeresa Arte Actual, 2019.

● EMS (Electroacoustic Music Society) 2019 Música Electroacústica                        Latinoamericana, Casa del Lago.

● Festival Internacional Callejón del Ruido, Gto. 2019 y 2018.

● SPLICE Festival 2018, Western Michigan University.

● Conciertos en el marco de la exposición Escuchar con los ojos, Centro              Cultural España, 2018.

● Festival Internacional Visiones Sonoras 2018, CMMAS, Morelia.

● BEAST FEaST 2017, UK.

● Comisión para el New York University Ensemble, Abril 2017.

● Theatre in Surround, Leeds College UK 2017.

● Multiphonies, Paris 2017. Comisión del INA GRM.

● Difrazzioni Festival 2016, Florencia. (Artista Invitado y comisión de obra).

● Spectra 2016 Malasya Music Festival.

● Foro de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez 2016.

● MUSLAB 2016, Césaré - National Center Creation Music Reims, Francia.

● The New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2016.

● Concert ElectroBelge, Espace Senghor (Bruselas) 2016.

● Festival Internacional Sonosíntesis 2016, Guanajuato.

● 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA 2016, Hong Kong.

● Monaco Electroacoustique 2015.

● MUSLAB 2015 (Francia y Argentina).

● International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology              WOCMAT (Taiwan) 2015.

● Media Art Festival 2016 Colombia.

● Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez 2015.

● International Roots Electronic Music Festival 2014, Jacksonville Florida.

● SOUNDLab Collective (Cologne Germany) 2015.

● Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro SONOM 2015 (México).

● Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro SONOM 2014.

● MUSLAB 2014, México.

● Random 2.1 Encuentro Internacional de Arte Sonoro 2015 (México).

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